ISL Announcement to the Swimming Community


Following surprise announcements made recently that change the global swimming competition calendar, the ISL would like to address the members of the swimming community – swimmers, coaches, federation members etc. – as we understand that these announcements put many of them in a difficult position due to changing plans and calendar clashes.

The ISL remains committed to its core objectives of helping the swimming community find new ways to engage fans and generate economic value, through the creation of the world’s first truly professional league for our sport.

With this in mind, each successive year of the ISL calendar has featured more matches, as we invest in the production of a season-long, team-based tournament aimed at maintaining fan engagement and providing consistent content that our broadcasting and commercial partners can utilise.

However, we are also respectful of the commitments that competitive swimmers have apart from the ISL.  Thus, the Season 4 calendar deliberately avoids, as best as possible, the dates of the Commonwealth Games, the European Championships, the Asian Games and the original dates of the Fukuoka World Championships in May. This Is the primary reason why we have offered swimmers the choice between PRO and Semi-PRO status, which provides additional flexibility and helps manage the various events of the year.

Furthermore, in recognition of the added difficulty that comes with navigating potential calendar clashes, the League is proud to increase its support for swimmers competing in the ISL – e.g., with additional travel expenses allowances, etc., to ensure that swimmers can be in the right place, at the right time, with minimum disruption.

Ultimately, the League is delighted that swimmers have increased opportunities to compete this summer, as the ISL’s goal has always been to provide more opportunities to the swimming community. Having more choice is always a positive.   We look forward to a summer full of incredible performances from athletes, in the ISL Season 4 and elsewhere!

ABOUT THE ISL: The International Swimming League is the first global professional swimming team-based competition. Founded in 2018, the league currently consists of 10 teams based in North America (Cali Condors, DC Trident, LA Current, NY Breakers and Toronto Titans), Europe (Italy-based Aqua Centurions, Energy Standard, Hungary-based Iron, and the UK-based London Roar) and Asia (Tokyo Frog Kings).

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