Podcast schedule
Wednesday, 24.03 8:00pm GMT – Individual athlete podcast. Participants: Ian Finnerty from DC Trident
Sunday, 21.03 8:00pm GMT – Individual athlete podcast. Participants: Kylie Masse from Toronto Titans
Wednesday, 17.03 8:00pm GMT – Individual athlete podcast. Participants: Josh Prenot from LA Current
Friday, 12.03 8:00pm GMT – Individual athlete podcast. Participants: Andrew Seliskar from LA Current
Wednesday, 10.03 6:00pm GMT – Individual athlete podcast. Participants: Adam Peaty from LON
Sunday, 7.03 7:00pm GMT -> podcast with ISL coaches
Tuesday, 4.03 6:30pm GMT -> Individual athlete podcast (Participant: Kira Toussaint from LON)
Sunday, 28.02 Podcast with ISL coaches: Discussion about the technical future of swimming (Participants: David Salo from TOK, Tom Rushton from ENS)
Friday, 26.02 Individual athlete podcast (Participant: Bruno Fratus from TOK)
Wednesday, 24.02 Individual athlete podcast (Participant: Sarah Sjostrom from ENS)
Sunday, 21.02 Finale review podcast (Participants: James Gibson from ENS, Jonty Skinner from CAC, Steven Tigg from LON, David Marsh from LAC)
Friday, 19.02 Podcast with NYB athletes (Participants: Joe Litchfield, Abbie Wood)
Wednesday, 17.02 ISL rivals podcast (Participants: Tom Shields from LAC & Chad Le Clos from ENS)
Sunday, 14.02 Semifinal 2 review podcast (Participants: Dorina Szekeres from IRO, Byron MacDonald from TOR, Brian Schrader from CAC, Kim Brackin from LAC)
Friday, 12.02 Russian ENS athletes podcast (carried out in Russian) (Participants: Kliment Kolesnikov, Maxim Stupin, Andrei Zhilkin)
Tuesday, 9.02 Toronto Titans athletes podcast (Participants: Anton McKee, Tessa Cieplucha, Louise Hansson)
Sunday, 7.02 Semifinal 1 review podcast (Participants: David Salo from TOK, Martin Truijens from NYB, Tom Rushton from ENS, Steven Tigg from LON)
Tuesday, 2.02 Individual athlete podcast (Participant: Fabio Scozzoli from AQC)
Sunday, 31.01 Match 10 review (Participants: Tom Dean from LON, Sean Schimmel from CAC, Michael Weston from LAC)
Friday, 29.01 Individual athlete podcast (Participant: Beryl Gastaldello from LAC) NOTE: crop some parts before posting!
Tuesday, 26.01 DC Trident athletes podcast (Participants: Ting Quah, Linnea Mack)
Sunday, 24.01 Match 9 review (Participants: James Gibson from ENS, Dylan Kent from TOR, Saskia de Jonge from IRO)
Friday, 22.01 Individual athlete podcast (Participant: Ilya Shymanovich from ENS)
Tuesday, 19.01 Tokyo Frog Kings athletes podcast (Participants: Marcus Thormeyer, Vladimir Morozov)
Sunday, 17.01 Match 8 review (Participants: Sydney Pickrem from LON, Jonty Skinner from CAC, Togo Nagai from TOK, Marc Spackman from NYB)
Friday, 15.01 ISL Physios podcast (Participants: Sharon Fullin from TOK, Steph Coughlan from TOR)
Tuesday, 12.01 Tokyo Frog Kings athletes podcast (Participants: Leah Smith, Simona Kubova)
Sunday, 10.01 Match 7 review (Participants: Andrew Beggs from DCT, Dorina Szekeres from IRO, Byron MacDonald from TOR, Can Onsoy from ENS)
Friday, 8.01 London Roar athletes podcast (Participants: Annie Lazor, Vini Lanza, Alia Atkinson)
Tuesday, 5.01 Iron athletes podcast (Participants: Ida Hulkko, Jenna Laukkanen, Robert Glinta)
Sunday, 3.01 Match 6 review (Participants: Byron MacDonald from TOR, Tom Rushton from ENS, Mads Hansen from NYB, Matteo Giunta from AQC)

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L'ISL vous propose un nouveau service dont vous pourrez bénéficier ! Chaque mardi et vendredi, regardez ou écoutez un podcast avec des nageurs, des entraîneurs, des préparateurs physiques, d'anciennes stars et d'autres personnes impliquées dans la natation. On y...