ISL Podcasts – Where/When/How To Watch


ISL offers a new service for you to enjoy! Every Tuesday and Friday, tune in to watch or listen to a podcast with swimmers, coaches, physios, former stars and others involved in swimming. We talk about competition, training, recovery, life and other intriguing topics. In addition, you have the ability to ask a question to the guests of the podcast through Instagram @iswimleague prior to the podcast and it will be answered during live.

Podcast categories:

  • Athletes podcast
    • Individual athlete podcast
    • Rivals podcast
    • Teammates podcast
    • Former star podcast
  • Staff podcast
    • Coaches
    • GMs
    • Other

In addition to the podcasts, tune in every Sunday to enjoy an analysis of an ISL match with a representative from each of the participating teams. We offer an insight into the mentality of the swimmers, technique and performance analysis from the coaches and recruiting strategies of the general managers.

You can enjoy this experience on Youtube, FaceBook or the ISLAND platform. The relevant schedule can be found on the home page or the home page of ISLAND. You can also keep track of the podcast schedule by simply following the International Swimming League account on Instagram.

Let’s talk swimming!