Statement from the International Swimming League


The International Swimming League has chosen to host its 2020 season in a single location with a condensed 5-week schedule from October 16, 2020.

ISL is committed to offering a safe environment to all athletes and staff. This is why, a strict medical protocol, developed with , will be in place, in and around the world-renowned Duna Arena in Budapest, Hungary, which will serve as the venue for this year’s only major competition to feature the world’s best swimmers.

In light of recent behaviour, ISL is releasing the following statement:

The current health crisis should not be used to entrench existing vested interests.

It is unacceptable that some national swimming federation’s leaders, knowingly and cynically use the pandemic to intimidate athletes who wish to participate in other competitions.

Athletes must be protected not only in their physical integrity but also in their economic and social integrity. They need to compete or risk imperilling their livelihoods.

ISL stands for the right of all athletes to freely live their swimming life, believes it is time to put power back into their hands, to champion their right to make a living they deserve, and to have a greater say in the way their sport is run.

The recent bullying and pressure on some of the athletes who are already in a precarious position is a political manoeuvre and contrary to the very spirit of sport.”

#YesToCompetition #NoToBullying

The International Swimming League