Serbian Swimming Federation is delighted to announce it has signed a Memorandum of understanding with International Swimming League. Serbian Swimming Federation which celebrates 115 years of existence this year has hosted Mr. Konstantin Grigorishin and Andrea Di Nino from International Swimming League in Belgrade.

International Swimming League, a new kind of competitive swimming series that is designated to the benefit of swimmers, sports fans and commercial partners, combining elite swimming with live entertainment. This will bring a new attraction to swimming and result in highly motivated performances. Boris Drobac, president of Serbian Swimming Federation: “We are very honoured to be a part of a project like this which that represents the true meaning of sports, support and commitment. We are certain that through this agreement Serbian Swimming Federation can contribute to the further development of swimming and that it will provide more visibility for our sport and our swimmers. This agreement is just an extension of our cooperation and we are very grateful for the time and efforts Mr. Grigorishin has taken for us.”

Konstantin Grigorishin, the head advisor of ISL said: “International Swimming League is a project developed with the sole purpose to help swimming as a sport which is in my opinion unfairly in the shadows of other sports. Swimming has a great potential and it deserves to be equally presented in the public. At its beginning it included some of the best names of the elite swimming and gradually it grew into something bigger, into an idea which needs to be globally spread. I am grateful for the invitation from Serbian Swimming Federation which is the first federation we have signed this memorandum with. In the following period we will have more memorandums signed.” 

Andrea di Nino, ISL managing director, commenting on this agreement: “I am very happy to come again to Belgrade, to Serbia where I have many pleasant memories when I was coaching Serbian swimmers Milorad Cavic and Miroslava Najdanovski and I am very glad to be here again. I am very glad that we are continuing our cooperation on a different level now and I am certain that this project has a solid ground and with the support and cooperation with federations, swimming organizations, swimmers can only contribute to the further development of swimming globally.” Present at the signing were national team members Velimir Stjepanovic and Anja Crevar, head coach of Slovenian Swimming Federation, representatives from the City of Belgrade Council for sports, Serbian Sports Federation, Serbian Olympic Committee. Serbian Swimming Federation has participated at the Energy standard meet for juniors last year as Balcan tide team, a combined team of Serbian and Slovenian swimmers. This was a unique project, a result of a great cooperation and partnership which generated a completely new energy to all participants. 

Original Document: MOU ISL – Serbian Swimming Federation