FINA. A shift in values or a mere attempt to ward off the competition?


Whatever this is, we are happy the athletes are getting a somewhat better deal.


FINA Nearly-Doubles Prize Money for 2018 Short Course World Champs


The minimum prize money on offer at the 2018 Short Course World Championships has nearly doubled, FINA announced on Tuesday. Archive photo via Giusy Cisale/

Artcile by Braden Keith

FINA has announced almost a doubling in the prize money for the 2018 Short Course World Championships. Less-than-a-week after confirming that prize money would remain at $1,173,000 million, the same as 2016, FINA announced on Tuesday that the prize money will leap to $2,070,000 for December’s event in Hangzhou, China.

Now, all finalists will receive at least $2,000, while World Record prize money remains at $15,000.

  Original Prize Money New Prize Money Percentage Increase
1st place 8000 10000 25.00%
2nd place 6000 8000 33.33%
3rd place 4000 7000 75.00%
4th place 2500 6000 140.00%
5th place 2000 5000 150.00%
6th place 1500 4000 166.67%
7th place 1000 3000 200.00%
8th place 500 2000 300.00%

This makes the event the largest-prized short course meters meet in history, with numbers approaching those offered at long course World Championships ($2,520,000 in 2017).

For an idea of what these numbers mean, for the biggest winner at the 2016 Short Course World Championships, Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu, what was a $68,000 prize in 2016 would have been $86,000 in the new prize scheme. The lower placements see even bigger increases, with prize money for 8th-place finishers quadrupling.

We asked FINA if the change was in response to the Energy for Swim meet or the International Swimming League, but did not receive a response. FINA has moved to block participation in that meet, including threatening 1-2 year bans for athletes who participate. The announcement was made after many nations have announced their rosters, with several big-name swimmers declining to participate at the Short Course World Championships who may have been influenced by the increased prize money.

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