With less than 10 days to go before the start of the International Swimming League (ISL) Season 2 in Budapest, ISL is pleased to unveil the team rosters for Aqua Centurions, London Roar, Tokyo Frog Kings, for the upcoming ISL 2020 regular season and semi-finals to be hosted at the Duna Arena in Budapest.

Paris, October 7th, 2020 ISL reveals Aqua Centurions, London Roar and Tokyo Frog Kings’ rosters ahead of the ISL Season 2 competitions in Budapest

From October 16th, 2020 elite swimming athletes will be able to resume competitive sport, during a condensed 5-week schedule released earlier this week, for the onlymajor competition to feature the world’s best swimmers this year.

Looking at the Aqua Centurions’ roster, Apostolos Tsagkarakis, Technical Director of ISL declared: “The Aqua Centurions, whose name is derived from the Roman Centurions, was probably the team with the loudest fans in the league last year! Comprised of Italian and international champions from all parts of the world, the team has shown incredible chemistry and it has potential to win good points in each race. I very much look forward to seeing how these top-notch swimmers plan to once again channel the mentality of ancient Romans this year!”

Regarding London Roar, he continued: “This team is a great example of all of the talent in the swimming world that exists. Last season, they have shown their dominance in some relays and literally “owned” certain events. They came so close to win last year’s championship that came down to the last race! I can only imagine how hungry they are to win it this time around.”

Finally, commenting on the Tokyo Frog King, he added: “Today we are introducing our other rookie club. Recruiting top talents and entering ISL in Season 2, was not an easy task at all. I really believe this team has the potential not only to make it to the final, but also win the Championship. The Japanese core of the team together with strong international swimmers make Frog Kings one of the toughest teams to beat.”