July 29, 2019

NEW YORK – Australian swimmer Shayna Jack, 20, has been suspended by the Cali Condors and the International Swimming League while waiting for the doping test process to be completed and the decision to be final from the appropriate governing bodies.

Jack was selected last month to compete as a member of the Cali Condors for the upcoming ISL competitions, set to begin this October.

“As I said last month, no doping control rules violation will be overlooked,” said Andrea di Nino, managing director of the International Swimming League. “This is another case that serves to reiterate our stance on banned substances and breaking doping control rules – no such behavior will ever be condoned. From the outset, the ISL has been an advocate for transparency and clean sport. Any athletes with doping control or ethical violation records will be considered ineligible with no recourse.”

The league’s decision will be based on the final ruling from the appropriate governing body.

The International Swimming League, in its first year of competition, has established a zero tolerance policy for doping.

“We are committed to a doping-free future at the ISL and we completely support the League’s enforcement of its policies” said Jason Lezak, general manager of the Cali Condors. 

For more information about the ISL’s response, please contact media@isl.global.

The International Swimming League, formed in 2018, will host its debut season starting in October 2019. For more information about the league, its swimmers and its competition schedule, please visit http://isl.global.