Category of commercial rights Details
Athlete's image rights The Swimmer agrees that, solely in connection with the League, (i) current or future photographs, whether still or action, and motion pictures or other recordings, on all means and modalities now existing or hereafter developed, may be taken of the Swimmer, (ii) any form of broadcasts or telecasts of the Swimmer, individually or with others, may be made, and (iii) the name, biographical information, data and any other information of the Swimmer may be used, in each case, at such times and places and in such ways as ISL may designate. The Swimmer also agrees that, solely in connection with the League, any of the photographs, motion pictures, recordings, broadcasts, telecasts, name, biographical information, data and any other information described in the foregoing sentence may be used, reproduced, sold, licensed, or otherwise disseminated or published by ISL or its licensees, assignees, and/or other designees directly or indirectly in any medium whatsoever for any purpose, in any manner and at any time that ISL desires.
Athlete's gamification rights The Swimmer agrees that the ISL has an exclusive right to the above-mentioned rights as well as rights related to the name, likeness, and data of the swimmer in the use of gamification of the ISL and non-exclusive rights regarding other format competitions, computer and/or other digital games, distributed and/or commercialised by the ISL in perpetuity.
Apparel (sweat suits, shorts, t-shirts, etc.) The Swimmer agrees that during all events, he/she will only wear the uniform, apparel, accessories that is officially sanctioned and provided by the Club/League. For the avoidance of doubt, the category of the swimmer’s swimsuit and googles are excluded from this category.
Swim cap The Swimmer agrees to bear the logos of League sponsors on their swim cap. Swimmers will wear caps that will be provided by the League but will not be required to wear logo of competitor Tech sponsor if Swimmer has entered into a Tech sponsor contract at least 90 days prior to the start of the first match of the season.
Tech suit (swimsuit) The Swimmer may continue to perform in a swimsuit of their own choosing (provided that complies with colour requirements set by the League) in the ISL Season 3. It should be noted that the League reserves its future right to include the swimsuit in the ‘Apparel’ category. Swimmers are required to clearly indicate that to their respective technical sponsors for any future contracts as of the date of swimmer’s agreement with the League.